New Course Alert!

Sat Nam Sangat,

Recently, I was given the opportunity to converse and express my thoughts on the current stance of Kundalini yoga with teachers, students and practitioners of healing. Several talks with fellow members of the community have given rise to growth in both body and mind from many different perspectives. This message is specifically for those who wish to broaden their self image and heighten the recovery of trauma for yourself as well as to educate and heal others.

During a conversation with a private client, our main focus had been on how to overcome the effects of trauma via Kundalini Yoga. However during this call, a point was brought up that felt revolutionary, almost groundbreaking. 

Together, we had come to the realization. Our minds and bodies have a subconscious ability to protect us when we experience a traumatic event. No matter how small it may seem at first, traumatic events have a way of resurfacing when we least expect it. Trauma can be very tricky to identify as it can take many different forms in our lives. As in real life, everything in our world requires tending to in order to grow properly over time. Breathing and learning these exercises will be part of your personal growth as you learn to ward off trauma and anxiety in others, as well as learning how to protect yourself in the process.

Have you been struck by a sudden fear of nervousness, apprehension or worry? How about sudden bursts of aggression, depression or even lacking expression? Trauma is arduous, and at times, burdensome to the person suffering from it. Oftentimes not even having the words to communicate what is wrong can feel as if you are being engulfed by some unseen force. The very first step to dealing with all of these things is a rather simple one; Learn How to Breathe Properly.

Due to my love of dance, muscle movement and breath work, I noticed how knowledge from my previous education as a dance instructor allowed for a smooth mental transition into Kundalini Yoga. Prior to learning about Kundalini Yoga however, aspects of my personal internalized trauma would appear in forms of restlessness, frustration and lashing on to those who were nearby.

As I deepened my practice of yoga, unique and profound techniques shared with me allowed for a more enlightening experience than ever before. I was experiencing the strength of personal mantras, the support of the community and the existential benefits of healing with sound vibrations. 

If the ability to not only manage your trauma but to live with it, accept it and and learn from it were to present itself, would you take this opportunity to better yourself? Would you do it to help others if not for your own sake? 

Having spent the last ten years of my life researching the repercussions of trauma both in and out the human psyche, it felt that the opportunity to share this information with others was beginning to bloom. From training programs to spiritual coaches and even performing with healing practitioners, the ‘true magic’ that alleviates and does the real healing lies within each of us in ways that cannot be defined in one or two sentences. Everyone in this world features a unique, personal way of healing that only they can tap into. Knowing these ways can build the differences between co-existing with trauma and letting it consume you, leading to an unhealthy view on relationships, reality and sometimes even in oneself. 

Currently in the works is a three part meditation system, developed to help heal, awaken and balance our untapped emotions, abilities and potential through Kundalini yoga. After years through my own spiritual pilgrimage, I wish to share the knowledge and experiences I have cherished via a program currently in development. 

If the idea to pursue a more holistic, natural and dependable way of healing through yoga and meditation resonates within you, please do not hesitate to reach out for more details. 

In the upcoming days we will be accepting a limited number of those interested in developing the ability to heal traumas on an individual basis. 

I can guarantee that through these steps, your next three months will be considerably more enlightening and soothing in comparison to the least three months you have truly endured. 

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Peace to all. Love to all. Light to all.

Sat Nam, Tiaga Harprem Singh

Autumn Equinox Class

Class Created and Led by Tiaga Harprem Singh 2020

Happy Equinox!

The equinox gives us a time to celebrate the Summer and to prepare ourselves for Winter. This is a time to find balance and to reap what we have sown over the last season. As we get ready to walk into Winter we can prepare the earth and carefully plant seeds for what we would like to nurture this coming year.

This set was put together to take us on a journey. We will tune in with the Adi Mantra and Mangala Charan Mantra, followed by some energizing warm ups. These warm ups are meant to increase the temperature in the body and activate the solar energy within each of us. This energy is the energy of the solar plexus chakra and is the element of fire.

Here is the space we offer anything that no longer serves us in our lives. Here is where you burn away unwanted patterns of held trauma. So as you breathe, keep imagining your breath like a billow that is fanning the flames of your inner spark.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya – 11 min in class

Balances and Cools as we breathe in from the left nostril. Keeping the right side closed. This is a day to find balance so we will be switching between warming and cooling exercises. This meditation is a gate opener. We will be powerfully pumping the navel center. This this said to the the etheric center of the body, a place where 72,000 nerve endings begin, and can be considered the home, or seat of the soul. I love to think of pumping the navel as knocking on the door to the soul, to the Kundalini energy, and inviting out to play and interact with what we are about to do.

This exercise begins to purify past karmas, can offer a new perspective on life, and flushes out the neurosis of the mind. Use this meditation to cut through the darkness and to give yourself a new start. This establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life.

Wahe Guru – Great is the journey from darkness to light.

*Surya Kriya – about 30 min in class, full time

Surya means sun. This kriya comes back to the idea of utilizing the energy of the sun, of fire, of the divine masculine, to heal, to cleanse, and to prepare our mind and body. The kriya focuses a lot on the organs of digestion, elimination, and filtration – the intestines, the kidneys, gallbladder and liver are all massaged during these exercises. At the same time, we will continue the work of lifting the kundalini energy through the body. Finally, this kriya will be practiced for 40 days to systematically stimulate the kundalini energy and positive panic force within the body. These acts lead to the strengthening of the body and all its systems, and increases the ability to focus on multiple tasks.

Antar Naad Mudra Meditation – 11 min in class

This is another supportive meditation. This meditation is said to open the chakras for the full effect of any other mantra. Reciting the mantra will sensitize the system and awaken the inner sound current within you. They say that in the begining there was the word and the word was with God. We hold that word within us since we were made in her image. Let’s awaken that force. Those that practice this meditatin are said to be granted prosperity, creativity, and protection from attacks. This practice can bring you luck and give new power to your words.

Saa – pure infinite, totality, oneness, or God
Har – is creativity of earth, Divine in the physical, God as part of the creation

*Meditation to Clear the Arc Line – 11 min in class

We will be listening and reciting the sounds of Wahe Guru once again. Great is this knowledge, great is this wisdom in this journey. They say to know God, you only need to cross the space between your pink and your thumb. Joining your soul body, with your heart body, frees the mind and allows us to live in peace. In the arc line is where all of our karmas and all of our destinies are written. The arc line connects us to the Akashic Field. This place beyond space and time but filled with all knowing. This is the place the ancestors reside.

May you find balance.
May you find peace.
May you walk your path with truth,
With justice,
With wisdom,
and with kindness.

Happy Autumnal Equinox
Blessing and love to you and yours!