Tuning In and Tuning Out

What are the mantras we use in the beginning of a Kundalini Yoga class?

What do those mantras mean?

Tuning In/Beginning a Class

  • Adi Mantra

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

To the infinite I bow, to the divine teacher within I bow. 

This mantra is used in the beginning of every kundalini yoga class. It centers us in our higher self and allows our spirit to come through to guide us. This mantra also calls upon our sense of the divine and our sense of what guides us – be that God, Spirit, Goddess, or Ancestors. We ask these energies to be present, we connect ourself to this energy, and we begin our practice. 

  • Mandala Charan Mantra

Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh,

Sat guray nameh, Siri gur dayvay nameh

I bow to the primal wisdom. 

I bow to the wisdom through the ages. 

I bow to true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom. 

This mantra is usually used in the beginning of class following the Adi Mantra. This is a mantra of protection and projection through reverence. We say the first line and send energy to the left, the second line send energy behind us, and the third to the right. When we say the final line we surround ourselves in a protective aura in all directions. 

Tuning Out/Closing the Space

  • Long Time Sun

May the Long Time Sun Shine Upon You,

All love surround you. 

And the pure light within you,

Guide your way on. 

  • Seven Wave Sat Nam

Sat Nam

Truth is my identity. 

As you chant the long SAT visualize the energy cycling around each chakra and then through it, stitching them together root to crown. NAM sends the energy through the crown and into infinity.

Other Useful Terms Used in Classes

Har, Hare, Haree,  Waheguru

Creative Infinity, Infinity in Flow, Infinity in Action. I am in ecstasy when I experience the Infinite. 

This mantra expresses the three aspects of the Infinite. It is said that this mantra can bring you through any blocks in life. 

New Course Alert!

Sat Nam Sangat,

Recently, I was given the opportunity to converse and express my thoughts on the current stance of Kundalini yoga with teachers, students and practitioners of healing. Several talks with fellow members of the community have given rise to growth in both body and mind from many different perspectives. This message is specifically for those who wish to broaden their self image and heighten the recovery of trauma for yourself as well as to educate and heal others.

During a conversation with a private client, our main focus had been on how to overcome the effects of trauma via Kundalini Yoga. However during this call, a point was brought up that felt revolutionary, almost groundbreaking. 

Together, we had come to the realization. Our minds and bodies have a subconscious ability to protect us when we experience a traumatic event. No matter how small it may seem at first, traumatic events have a way of resurfacing when we least expect it. Trauma can be very tricky to identify as it can take many different forms in our lives. As in real life, everything in our world requires tending to in order to grow properly over time. Breathing and learning these exercises will be part of your personal growth as you learn to ward off trauma and anxiety in others, as well as learning how to protect yourself in the process.

Have you been struck by a sudden fear of nervousness, apprehension or worry? How about sudden bursts of aggression, depression or even lacking expression? Trauma is arduous, and at times, burdensome to the person suffering from it. Oftentimes not even having the words to communicate what is wrong can feel as if you are being engulfed by some unseen force. The very first step to dealing with all of these things is a rather simple one; Learn How to Breathe Properly.

Due to my love of dance, muscle movement and breath work, I noticed how knowledge from my previous education as a dance instructor allowed for a smooth mental transition into Kundalini Yoga. Prior to learning about Kundalini Yoga however, aspects of my personal internalized trauma would appear in forms of restlessness, frustration and lashing on to those who were nearby.

As I deepened my practice of yoga, unique and profound techniques shared with me allowed for a more enlightening experience than ever before. I was experiencing the strength of personal mantras, the support of the community and the existential benefits of healing with sound vibrations. 

If the ability to not only manage your trauma but to live with it, accept it and and learn from it were to present itself, would you take this opportunity to better yourself? Would you do it to help others if not for your own sake? 

Having spent the last ten years of my life researching the repercussions of trauma both in and out the human psyche, it felt that the opportunity to share this information with others was beginning to bloom. From training programs to spiritual coaches and even performing with healing practitioners, the ‘true magic’ that alleviates and does the real healing lies within each of us in ways that cannot be defined in one or two sentences. Everyone in this world features a unique, personal way of healing that only they can tap into. Knowing these ways can build the differences between co-existing with trauma and letting it consume you, leading to an unhealthy view on relationships, reality and sometimes even in oneself. 

Currently in the works is a three part meditation system, developed to help heal, awaken and balance our untapped emotions, abilities and potential through Kundalini yoga. After years through my own spiritual pilgrimage, I wish to share the knowledge and experiences I have cherished via a program currently in development. 

If the idea to pursue a more holistic, natural and dependable way of healing through yoga and meditation resonates within you, please do not hesitate to reach out for more details. 

In the upcoming days we will be accepting a limited number of those interested in developing the ability to heal traumas on an individual basis. 

I can guarantee that through these steps, your next three months will be considerably more enlightening and soothing in comparison to the least three months you have truly endured. 

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Peace to all. Love to all. Light to all.

Sat Nam, Tiaga Harprem Singh

Kriya for Elevation and the Meditation for Protection and Projection Coming from the Heart Center

Kundalini Yoga Class led by Tiaga Harprem Singh.


Kriya for Elevation

The Kriya for Elevation is a set that will act as an energetic and physical tune up for our bodies. The exercises are set up to systematically open up the spine from bottom to top. This will circulate the prana and apana in the body, balance each of the chakras and will allow the kundalini energy to rise up through the spine. Opening the lungs and bringing our minds into a place of alertness we can strengthen our electromagnetic field. This kriya also offers a deep release for the sciatic nerve, or the life nerve. When we relax this nerve we are able to increase our flexibility, release tension in the low back, and it will allow us to feel more connected to the Earth. Increasing flexibility in the body inspires more flexibility in life, we are more able to roll with what life offers while remaining open to possibilities.

Meditation for Projection and Protection Coming from the Heart Center

Aad Guray Nameh
Primal Wisdom, to you I bow

Jugaad Guray Nameh
Wisdom through the Ages, to you I bow

Sat Guray Nameh
True Wisdom to you I bow

Siri, Gur Davay Nameh
Great unseen wisdom, wisdom that is all around us, to you I bow

We will be chanting the Mangala Charan Mantra during this meditation. This mantra is a mantra of protection. We chant this at the beginning of every kundalini yoga class for this purpose. When we say the first three line we send energy to the left, behind us, and to the right and when we say the last line we have energy circulating all around us. With every recitation of the mantra our auras become stronger, brighter, and more able to deflect negativity. This mantra guides us to our hearts deepest truth and being. Reciting this mantra clears our doubts opening us to guidance and protection. It surrounds our magnetic fields with protective, white light.


Autumn Equinox Class

Class Created and Led by Tiaga Harprem Singh 2020

Happy Equinox!

The equinox gives us a time to celebrate the Summer and to prepare ourselves for Winter. This is a time to find balance and to reap what we have sown over the last season. As we get ready to walk into Winter we can prepare the earth and carefully plant seeds for what we would like to nurture this coming year.

This set was put together to take us on a journey. We will tune in with the Adi Mantra and Mangala Charan Mantra, followed by some energizing warm ups. These warm ups are meant to increase the temperature in the body and activate the solar energy within each of us. This energy is the energy of the solar plexus chakra and is the element of fire.

Here is the space we offer anything that no longer serves us in our lives. Here is where you burn away unwanted patterns of held trauma. So as you breathe, keep imagining your breath like a billow that is fanning the flames of your inner spark.

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya – 11 min in class

Balances and Cools as we breathe in from the left nostril. Keeping the right side closed. This is a day to find balance so we will be switching between warming and cooling exercises. This meditation is a gate opener. We will be powerfully pumping the navel center. This this said to the the etheric center of the body, a place where 72,000 nerve endings begin, and can be considered the home, or seat of the soul. I love to think of pumping the navel as knocking on the door to the soul, to the Kundalini energy, and inviting out to play and interact with what we are about to do.

This exercise begins to purify past karmas, can offer a new perspective on life, and flushes out the neurosis of the mind. Use this meditation to cut through the darkness and to give yourself a new start. This establishes inner happiness and a state of flow and ecstasy in life.

Wahe Guru – Great is the journey from darkness to light.

*Surya Kriya – about 30 min in class, full time

Surya means sun. This kriya comes back to the idea of utilizing the energy of the sun, of fire, of the divine masculine, to heal, to cleanse, and to prepare our mind and body. The kriya focuses a lot on the organs of digestion, elimination, and filtration – the intestines, the kidneys, gallbladder and liver are all massaged during these exercises. At the same time, we will continue the work of lifting the kundalini energy through the body. Finally, this kriya will be practiced for 40 days to systematically stimulate the kundalini energy and positive panic force within the body. These acts lead to the strengthening of the body and all its systems, and increases the ability to focus on multiple tasks.

Antar Naad Mudra Meditation – 11 min in class

This is another supportive meditation. This meditation is said to open the chakras for the full effect of any other mantra. Reciting the mantra will sensitize the system and awaken the inner sound current within you. They say that in the begining there was the word and the word was with God. We hold that word within us since we were made in her image. Let’s awaken that force. Those that practice this meditatin are said to be granted prosperity, creativity, and protection from attacks. This practice can bring you luck and give new power to your words.

Saa – pure infinite, totality, oneness, or God
Har – is creativity of earth, Divine in the physical, God as part of the creation

*Meditation to Clear the Arc Line – 11 min in class

We will be listening and reciting the sounds of Wahe Guru once again. Great is this knowledge, great is this wisdom in this journey. They say to know God, you only need to cross the space between your pink and your thumb. Joining your soul body, with your heart body, frees the mind and allows us to live in peace. In the arc line is where all of our karmas and all of our destinies are written. The arc line connects us to the Akashic Field. This place beyond space and time but filled with all knowing. This is the place the ancestors reside.

May you find balance.
May you find peace.
May you walk your path with truth,
With justice,
With wisdom,
and with kindness.

Happy Autumnal Equinox
Blessing and love to you and yours!


Autumn Equinox Class and 40 day Sadhana Kick Off

Link to RSVP for the Class:

Facebook Event Page

Dia de los Muertos. Samhain. Halloween.

We are approaching a time where we harvest the work of the summer. Take time to honor and commune with our ancestors as we prepare for the shifting of the seasons and the darkness of winter.

Let us combine the power of the equinox, full moon, and the thinning of the veil in order to hone our intuition. This sequence will tend our internal landscape while opening ourselves to our ancestors unlocking the path to walk firmly and with grace.

Through kundalini yoga, we will be detoxing the bodily systems while clearing our karmas. We do this work to heal the seven generations before us and the seven generations ahead of us. Step into your divine power and your path to becoming your truest Self.

Join me on this 40 day kriya and meditation journey! We will be kicking off on the evening of Tuesday September 22 and culminating on October 31!

More information to come, please join our Facebook group or DM for more details

Long Ek Ong Kaur

The Adi Shakti Mantra is an ashtang, or eight-fold, meditation and is also known as the Long Ek Ong Kars or Morning Call. This mantra is a corner stone to the Aquarian Sadhana and kundalini yoga as a whole. Chanting and meditating on this mantra is a very powerful experience. I have had the privilege of experiencing this mantra in the Aquarian Sadhana with a group and alone, as a whole morning sadhana for two and a half hours with my sangat, and I have practiced it as my personal sadhana for thirty-one minutes a day. The eight parts of the Adi Shakti Mantra each carry a powerful vibration that adds to the whole experience. When Yogi Bhajan began teaching kundalini yoga in the states, he taught this mantra as the original morning sadhana to awaken the kundalini energy and unite one’s self with the Universal self.


The Mantra
Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahey Guru
One creator created this creation. Truth is His Name. Great Beyond description is his infinite wisdom.

  • ek ong kar – one creator with the creation, we are one with the divine
  • sat nam – truth is my identity, the divine truth that god is within me is the fabric of my being
  • siri – great, greatness
  • wahey – wow what ecstasy
  • guru – the journey from light to dark, ignorance to wisdom
  • siri wahey guru – how great is ecstasy of this truth, this journey from dark to light

How is it practiced?
Seated in easy pose and with hand in gyan mudra. Focus is on the third-eye with eye lids shut.

Taking a deep breath in to recite the mantra with a 2.5 breath pattern

  • inhale 1: Ek Ong-Kar – Ek is emphasized with the diaphragm and quick – Ong is elongated for over half the breath and ties right into Kar to finish the first breath completely
  • inhale 2: Sat Nam, Siri – Sat is emphasized with the diaphragm and quick – Nam is elongated for over half the breath, Siri is pushed out with the very last of the second breath
  • short inhale: Wahey Guru – Wa is emphasized with the diaphragm and is quick – Hey is elongated for over half the breath – Guru is the last portion

How Long Should You Practice For?
This meditation can be practiced for three minutes to two and a half hours. My recommendation is to start with 3, 7, or 11 minutes and build up from there. Three minutes is just the right amount of time to get the hang of the rhythm of the mantra, seven minutes is the amount of time spent chanting the mantra during Aquarian Sadhana, and eleven minutes is enough time to feel the mantra in your heart. Below I am including a quick guide that compares meditation times to their effects on the mind and body. These are guidelines and might be differ slightly from individual to individual.

3 min. affects the EM field/aura and blood circulation
11 min. affects the nervous and glandular system
22 min. balances the three minds as they begin to work together
31 min. allows breath, glands, and concentration from the meditation to affect the cells and rhythms, of the body.
62 min. affects the gray matter of the brain, this is where the shadow self and the outer self, begin to merge
2.5 hours. changes the psyche, hold the subconscious firmly in its new pattern

What are the benefits of this Mantra?
1. It initiates the kundalini energy dormant in the body
Kundalini energy is soul energy/creative energy/god/divine energy. It usually lies dormant, coiled, at the base of the spine behind the navel center. The navel center being the etheric place about two to three fingers down from your natural navel. With breath control and physically activating the navel center the kundalini is able to rise through the bodies energy channels to reach the third-eye and blossom at the crown chakra as the thousand petal lotus. 

2. The Adi Shakti Mantra begins the relationship between our soul and the universal soul
In the process of raising the kundalini through the body and finally blossoming at the crown, we connect ourselves to the greater consciousness. As we continue to raise our kundalini, we raise our total awareness for all within ourselves and beyond ourselves. It is advised to practice this with a sangat, or a group of people meditating and practicing together, this amplifies the effects of this mantra and assists in the journey from individual consciousness to group consciousness and ultimately God/Universal Consciousness.

3. Makes your heart’s desire known to the universe
A sutra for the Aquarian Age – vibrate the cosmos and they shall clear the way. This manta allows for the heart’s desire to be known by the universe. Even if you do not know what it is, or are unclear this mantra has the power to cut through all of that. While getting to know the feelings of Universal Consciousness we realize that the Divine is within us and that is our truth, making ourselves clear out the things that block our growth, water those things that nurture us, and assists in getting clear with what we want and why.

11 minutes

Interested in practicing alongside me? Here are two videos, the begin with tuning in, chanting the Long Ek Ong Kars, and end with a 7-Wave Sat Nam to seal the practice.

31 minutes

I have had wonderful experiences with this mantra and practice. I hope you enjoy the journey and all that is has to offer.

Peace to All, Love to All, Light to All,
Tiaga Harprem Singh


An Open Letter to the Sangat – Let’s Chat

Sat Nam Dear Sangat,

Greetings, my name is Tiaga Harprem Singh and my pronouns are he/him/his and I wanted to write an open letter to begin a dialog. With respect to the current global climate crisis, current social movements occurring (BLM, metoo, and save the children), and the release to light of the allegations against Yogi Bhajan by several individuals for abuse of power and sexual misconduct- how are you, or maybe you’re not, continuing to teach, move forward, and train? What are you doing, or feeling called to do to address these situations in you teaching and training of other teachers?

I have asked myself these questions for the last several weeks and I wanted to begin to formulate a concrete path to moving forward, or at least one of many to come. There are no right or wrong answers as I am looking for advice and experiences present to assist in forming the next series of teacher trainings.

I am looking for input on best practices surrounding:

Inclusive Practices – How can we be more open and inclusive to all while teaching? Are we color blind or color brave? Do we offer modification or are we militant in our teaching? Especially for our students that are POC, LQBTQIA2+, or differently abled?

Trama Informed Practices – How aware are we of the research surround the long term affects of trauma on the brain, behavior, and the body? How aware are we of our own trauma in respect to our own teaching and why is that important? How are we handling these situations without causing secondary trauma?

Understanding through Compassion – How understanding and compassionate are we to those that have a different opinion, experience, or view point? How can we hold two very different experiences in the same bubble and can we separate the teacher from the teachings?

I sincerely appreciate any feedback on pieces of this or the whole of it.

Peace to all
Love to all
Light to all

Tiaga Haprrem Singh

My Spiritual Name and its Meaning

“Love is the experience of selflessness within the self.”

Yogi Bhajan

In many traditions names are given, added, or changed to mark significant life events and choices. The choice to be baptized, getting married, or stepping into a new spiritual path are all examples of when one might be called to change their name. This isn’t a choice that is made lightly or without deep thought about what this new name means and what it brings with it.

A spiritual name is a divine vibration. This vibration carries with is its own life, meaning, and lesson. They are to be taken with reverence and honor. Similar to a mantra, these sound frequencies and the act of the tongue pressing on the meridians at the roof of the mouth can cause certain neurological changes to begin. The more it is heard and recited, the more it can blossom into being.

When I was embarking on my journey as a kundalini yoga teacher I had been long searching for a spiritual practice to ground me. I had been raised Catholic and when it came time for me to make my confirmation into the Church, I decided that it was not for me. To be honest, as a gay teenager with an absent mother and tumultuous home life – I was angry at God for what was going on. I lived this way for a long time. When I started to heal my relationship with myself, my mom, and with the universe in general I happened to find my way into a kundalini yoga class. Fast forward a few years of classes, self-work, and a couple breakdowns I made the plunge into teacher training.

I felt that this was a point in my life that was going to be, and very much did become, a turning point. I started to think about taking on a spiritual name as a teacher but it did feel strange to me. This thought of taking on a name, in another language, that belongs to another culture. Should I be doing this? Am I appropriating another culture? What does it mean to take a spiritual name? How will I, and will I even, use this new name?

As I looked into the traditions around spiritual names some things that stuck out were:

  1. If you feel the calling to it, there is probably a reason.
    • If the spirit moves you! This has been one of my favorite sayings to use as a teacher. When students want to experiment with an artistic choice or embark on a new project this was my response. As I have grown deeper into understanding this – the Spirit is real and acts in many ways to bring you to where you need to be. Trust in this sense. If you might be thinking about taking a spiritual name, receive the blessing, meditate on it, and see if it can find its way from your heart.
  2. A spiritual name is a blessing and should be treated with reverence.
    • When I received my name and read it and what it meant, I got chills. When it was first said out loud to address me I got misty eyed. This in so many ways was me. It was me on my best days, it was the version of me that other people see and, to be honest, the version that I sometimes had a hard time seeing in myself. Even if it seems long, or a mouthful, it is your personal prayer.
  3. There are many ways to get a spiritual name, and no matter the name you receive it is what is needed.
    • I know of individuals that have had the opportunity to receive a few spiritual names, and to my surprise the names did have a central theme. I have only received the one. Spiritual names are a comment on the identity of your Spirit. This name speaks to the highest truth of your soul and its purpose in creation. (No pressure, right?) This is a name to try to live up to. According to the 3HO website – “It is based on your birth date and involves the use of a particular type of numerology. Sometimes the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (sacred Sikh scriptures) is used as a resource.”

So what name did I receive and what does it literally translate to?

Tiaga Harprem Singh

Which translates to: The fearless Lion who embodies kindness, love, prosperity and creativity by choosing God over all worldly attachments.

  • Tiaga – a saintly person who has given up everything for God, one who abandons all fondness for worldly things in favor of the Divine
  • Tiaag – to renounce, to give up maya
  • Har – Infinite God, Carries the vibration of kindness, creativity and prosperity.
  • Prem – divine love, love
  • Harprem – God’s love, Divine Love
  • Singh – the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage through his life.

How have I come to understand it?

He who embodies God’s love by living a life of practiced release of attachment. My gift of fearlessly personalizing compassion, love, prosperity and creativity is fully realized by releasing my attachment to everything but God. My dedicated bond with the Divine brings kindness, abundance, ingenuity and spiritual liberation to the minds and hearts of all.

Okay, one, that’s a mouthful, two, that is a huge order to live up to, and three, this seems so aligned with how I have been shifting my life, coming into my own self, and setting goals for my future. So will I continue to use this name, absolutely. It is an honor and a blessing, a personal mantra and goal, my own connection to Divine. At this point I use this name when in the Sangat, the community, and some close friends and family use it to address me from time to time. It is a beautiful blessing to be able to receive and hear. Maybe one day I may adopt the name in the full and legal, maybe not; only continuing to walk the path and time will tell.

-Sat Nam-
Tiaga Harprem Singh

The Adi Shakti Mantra – The Mantra of the Divine Feminine

Adi Shakti, Namo Namo

Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo

Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo

Kundalini Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

First Power, to you I bow.

All Surrounding Power, to you I bow.

Great Cosmic Power, to you I bow.

Kundalini, Mother Power, to you I bow.

Sat Nam,

I am offering knowledge dump on the Adi Shakti mantras. I will offer the mantra and its translation, followed by benefits of the mantra, and I will end with a reflection on my own practice and experience.

To Elevation and Alchemy,


The Mantra and Translation:

The Adi Shakti Mantra is the Kundalini Shakti Mantra, or the Kundalini Power Mantra, because it calls out to the Divine Feminine that surrounds us and resides within each of us. In practice, the power is called out to three times and then we bow to that power.

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo

Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo

Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo, Namo

Kundalini, Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo, Namo

Adi Shakti – The First Power

“Adi” means first and “Shakti” means power. This is in reference to the primordial power, the power that existed at the beginning of time, the power of Creation itself. This creative force is seen as inherently feminine. It is the physical realm and body that are seen as masculine.

Sarab Shakti – All Encompassing Power

“Sarab” literally translates to all. So this portion calls out to the Divine Feminine that exists all around us and within each of us. The creative capabilities that exist.

Pritham Bhagvati – the Sword Wielding Goddess, Destroyer of Demons

Pritham Bhagvati refers to the Hindi Goddess Parvati. She is the Goddess of War and Destruction. She is the slayer of demon and clearer of the path. With her many arms and divine sword, she is able to liberate all those in suffering. We call out to this sense of power to help us cut through the Maya and the ego of the Self so that we might join the group consciousness and eventually the divine consciousness.

Kundalini, Mata Shakti – Creative Force, Mother Force

The kundalini energy is the energy of the soul. This is our center of creative force in our physical bodied. The kundalini is located just behind the navel center, about three fingers down from the belly button. This would also be the same area as the uterus in female bodied individuals. “Mata,” meaning mother, “Mata Shakti” calls out to our Divine Mother. The essence of creation that brought us into this iteration of life and our abilities to birth our own creations.

Namo, Namo: To you I bow.

This mantra is deeply devotional and should be practiced with reverence, gratitude, and love. With consistent practice these feelings should flow freely. This mantra has a beautiful lesson embedded – the lesson of surrender. In bowing before our sense of the divine we are able to release our burdens and inherit our birthright without any blockages.

The Benefits of Mantra:

  • This meditation has the power to free you from insecurities that block your growth and freedom
  • This mantra is deeply devotional and filled with love. This mantra can be very opening and healing for the heart center; especially for those that suffer from early childhood trauma or traumas involving female figures.
  • When recited as a prayer, this mantra is especially powerful for sisters, mothers, and other feminine figures in our lives.
  • This mantra helps embody the lessons and love in bowing to your sense of the Divine, and the Divine Feminine Mother.

My Reflection:

As I have said before, mantras are magic. For me, this was one of the game changers. I was introduced to this mantra during my Kundalini teacher training. We were on a luscious, four-day retreat in the beautiful Nevada City, California. If that doesn’t say spoiled enough, I had the privilege to be learning from Prabu Nam Kaur. She is such a powerful person and a beautiful example of worship, surrender, and bowing at the feet of the Guru.  We chanted this mantra for 31 minutes and I remember having such an intense emotional response. It was one of those deep emotional responses that seems to clear out the corners of the Self that have collected dust.

I feel very privileged to be able to offer a teaching on the Adi Shakti Mantra. Being a Two-Spirit individual, I have a balance of both masculine and feminine energies that can be seen as unique. I grew up hiding my true identity from my family and others around me and this built up resistance to the feminine aspects of my own identity. In recent years I have begun to embrace all of me more fully. This has been challenging, infuriating, freeing, and blissful and I do think that this mantra has played a huge part in my healing.

Additionally, this mantra is very supportive when it comes to healing trauma and healing women. I am a survivor and holder of trauma and have been actively working toward clearing and healing over the last, almost, three years. When I began the mantra practice I found myself confronted with a lot of pain and darkness associated with my history, and in specific, my history with my mothers. I have the honor of having a biological and step mother – each handed me many lessons, cases of trauma, and now, lasting friendships. I know that I have a long way to go in my recovery and that my relationship with my mothers is still healing and growing but I feel the ripples in this mantra. It was not a practice that stayed here just for me.

I began to use this mantra as a prayer for my mothers, sisters, friends, trans family, and students. I have been teaching at an all-girls school for the last two years and my aim has been to heal and elevate through alchemizing our trauma, fear and darkness into tools, power, wisdom, and light. It is said that there is nothing more powerful than the prayer of the beloved and living in a crumbling patriarchy, I have noticed that it can be difficult for women to get their due and to feel supported enough to flourish. This is how I play a part in combating that. Holding space for the Divine Feminine to flourish, nurturing my inner Goddess to inspire and guide others on that path as well.

Finally, it was through the practice of the Adi Shakti mantra that I learned what surrender meant. In the West, this idea of surrender has many negative connotations from being weak to letting others walk over you. Yet, when I was able to surrender to the divine, I have never felt more liberated and supported. When we are able to release our need for control we can inherit our birthright free of blockages. Our birthright to live happy, healthy, and blissful lives.

Crystals and Stones

A Quick and Dirty Guide: 5 Things To Do with your New Stones

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I have long believed in the powers of the Earth and her ability to heal us, aid us, and even to protect and guide us. Over my life I have been collecting stones and crystals that I have felt an attraction to. In my late teens, I began to look into specific stones and what they represent and found a large correlation with the stones that already had being exactly what I needed, so to speak.

This lead me a little further down the rabbit hole of crystal care, maintenance and uses. The use of crystals and gemstones in rituals and healing is long established. Certain crystals, like clear quartz, can be programmed with an intention or specific purpose. Other stones like amethyst can also be infused with an intention but are known for their healing and calming attributes.

Say you found a stone that really calls to you- either through research or coming across it in a shop. What are some thing you should do with it when you get home?? How can you program your crystals with your intentions? What about all the other people who may have touched the stone before you? Well, here is a quick and dirty (love and earthy pun 😅) on what to do with crystals when they have found their new home.

1. Cleanse your stone.

There are a variety of ways you can cleanse your stones. First, what is cleansing and why should you do it? Everyone has their own electromagnetic field and vibration; likewise, the Earth and everything that comes from her also has one. Certain stones, like Selenite or Quartz, are really great at absorbing energies around them. This usually happens through touch. When getting a new stone, it is always a good idea to clear out any previous energies to open the path for a new relationship, if you please, since you do not know the intentions nor would you want to inherit any negativity from another.Some ways you can cleanse your stone are:

  • Smoke: Burning herbs and incense that purify and cleanse is a great way to clear out any unwanted energy. This is a similar process to smudging. One would waft smoke over and around the stone focusing on clearing out the energies and imparting one’s own positivity.
    • Useful herbs: cedar, white sage, sweet grass, palo santo, or copal
  • Salt and Water: The use of salt and water to purify has been used for generations. Keep in mind, some crystals and stones can be damaged by exposure to water. Mixing sea salt and water together to rinse the stones is another way to clear out energies from the stone. If you cannot submerge your stone, you can place it in a glass and surround that glass with salt water. Even setting your stones on a bed of salt can be purifying.
  • Sunlight/Moonlight: You can place your stones out in a sunny place, or well-lit windowsill to absorb the light of our celestial neighbors. Sunlight can burn away the darkness and the waning of the moon will encourage a drip out of the energy. This is also really useful in the setting intention phase of the stone.

2. Set your intentions with the stone.

If you have taken the time to cleanse your stone – chances are there is a certain reason you want to hang on to it. Why did you keep the stone? Why is it calling to you, or you to it? Creating an intention takes a little bit of inner work and reflection – once you have it you can hold you recently cleansed stone and place your intention within it. This can be done through meditation. Hold the stone while meditating on your intention, feel the intention slipping from you and into the stone. Release, surrender, and let the stone do its work.

Special note: Matching your intention setting process to the phases of the moon can be especially beneficial. If your intention is to let something go working with your crystal during the waning of the moon would be best. In reverse, if your intention is to build or bring something in working with your crystal during the waxing moon is recommended.

3. Carry it with you for 40 days.

I know, super specific, right? The number 40 is a powerful number. In this context – 40 days is the time is takes to create a habit and to clear out any blockages. When working in Kundalini Yoga we talk about doing specific kriya or meditation sets for 40 days in order to learn the lesson of the kriya, to allow for some sort of change or shift in our energy, and to clear any blocks that we might be working on. A lot of times when we set intentions we are working to overcome some sort of block or obstacle. Really set yourself up for success and your best chance to open yourself to the lessons your little piece of Gaia has for you – especially if the stone called out to you without you researching it previously.

4. Use the stone.

The only way to wisdom is through practice. Use your stone for what you set it up to be. If it is meant to help you calm or sleep – use your crystal during meditations or when you are praying, or hold it for some breath work before bed. If your stones are meant to help you cope with the stresses of the work environment keep it easily accessible at your desk. Crystals and stones can be an easy way to brighten up any outfit, living or work space.

5. Reflect on how it has helped you.

Look back at it if it’s your jam. Remember where you were at the beginning of your 40 days and see where you are now. Has the stone or crystal served its purpose for you? Has your intention come to fruition, if even in the smallest sense? Reflecting can be super quick and informal, maybe sitting down with a cup of coffee, or an elaborate project where you track yourself and sit and write something out.

I wish you all the best on your bonding journey with Earth. Hope you enjoyed this little read and what it has to offer. More to come on specific smudging methods using herbs and incense as well as crystal knowledge and lore, and definitely more Kundalini practices.

Sat Nam